Timeline Questionnaire.png
Getting Ready and Pre Ceremony
Name of Couple *
Name of Couple
What time would you like to schedule the rehearsal for? (to be held at ceremony location)
What time is your rehearsal dinner scheduled for? The location? Number of guests?
Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
Please list everyone involved in the ceremony by name and title (bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, grandparents, ushers, flower girls, ring bearers, etc.) - (ex: "Jane Smith, grandmother of the bride")
Please list your music selections for the pre-ceremony, processional, recessional, etc.
Cocktail Hour
What time is the cocktail hour scheduled to begin and end?
What music would you like to have playing during the cocktail hour? Band, Ipod, DJ, etc?
Will you have assigned seating for the reception? What type of place cards will you have and how will they be displayed?
Please provide details of your guestbook, where you would like it to be located, etc.
What time is the reception scheduled to begin? What time is the reception scheduled to end?
Will you be introduced into the reception? Who would you like introduced? parents of the bride and groom? full bridal party? And how would you like to be announced?
Who will be making this speech/toast?
Will there be bride + groom, father + daughter, mother + son formal dances? If so, what music will be played? When would you like these to take place?
Who all will be making a toast? When would you like the toasts made (maybe right after dinner and just before the cake cutting)?
How will dinner be served? Buffet, seated, family style, etc?
Where will the cake(s) be located? Will you do a cake cutting?
Will you be doing a bouquet toss or garter toss? If so, to what song(s)?
Any other formal dances? Anniversary, sorority, etc? If so, to what songs?
Where will it be located?
Will you do a sendoff? What time? What will be 'tossed' (ie - sparklers, lavender, bubbles, etc.)? And to what song?
How will you be getting away (name of company, etc.)? What time is the car scheduled to arrive? If not a company, who will be in charge of arranging your car to be waiting? What time are you scheduled to drive away?
Will you have guest favors? If so, please provide details and where/how you would like for these to be displayed.
Where will most of the guests attending your wedding be staying? (names of local hotels, etc.) How will they get back/forth from hotels?
Who will be responsible for taking home all of the gifts? And any other things you may need to leave at the venue?
And do they need anything? (chairs?)
And do they need anything? (table, chairs?)