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It’s that time of year! The #aodmasterclass is just a few weeks away and we want to share our love of flowers with one lucky scholarship recipient. This year is a little different… The Master Class offers an opportunity to discover or reignite your passion, find your creative voice - and we want to know just that! What inspires you? To enter the contest, simply submit a photo of your recent work (it can be anything!) via instagram including #inspiredforao to tell us all about your inspiration and how you bring that inspiration to life in your work. Then, go to the link in our profile and answer the question- “What inspires you most about your work, life, and flowers?”. The winner will not be chosen based on the number of likes their post gets, but a combination of their instagram post and response to the question below.  

Rules to enter:
Step 1: Post a photo of your work on instagram with the hashtag #inspiredforao. 

Step 2: Go to the form below and answer the question “What inspires you most about your work, life, and flowers?” Feel free to include your answer to this question in your instagram post! (Note: including your answer in the post is not a requirement)

Winner will be chosen by the AOD team and announced on August 29th at 11am. Entries must be submitted by midnight on August 28th. 

*Scholarship does not include travel and lodging. 

Fill out the form below for a chance to win a spot at the Master Class! 

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