Amy and The Master Class

Our semi-annual flower workshops are an emotionally moving experience – we spend two days learning about the artistry of floral design, crafting a community of like-minded creatives, and getting to know ourselves as artists.

Our owner,  creative director, and #girlboss inspiration, Amy Osaba, wanted to share a bit more about the heart behind these workshops and why they mean so much to her.

Floral Designers. Artists. Creatives.

All of us have the same desire: to take our passions and talents and forge them into a beauty that betters the world around us.

Yet I, and undoubtedly many of you, have ventured into periods of life where I find myself struggling to keep that passion alive and that desire burning. A creative’s desire to learn, evolve, and ultimately make beauty is easily stifled by the struggles that come with starting a new company, diving into new business ventures, or simply working your ass off while trying to create a sustainable business.

All of these struggles can leave you feeling depleted, as though your creative fire is slowly being extinguished.

But I’ve found that surrounding myself with other creatives and artists who share in those same struggles brings about a feeling of empowerment - a certain kind of light, hope, and security that is undeniably encouraging and contagious. There is a strength that comes from community. And that’s what our workshop provides - yes, you will learn all about flowers and the business. But you will also gain strength, community, and confidence.

Every AO Workshop has a certain mystery to it…  a special chemistry between the attendees and instructors that is truly inspiring. And every year, at our farewell dinner, as I sit surrounded and supported by an amazing group of creatives, I want to scream and say, “YES! This table, full of all these amazing artists, creatives, and individuals was worth the fight! Life is full, life is good, and life is beautiful! All of the struggles were worth this moment - this magical feeling comprised of beauty, strength, and inspiration that feels so present that it’s almost tangible.”

And that is what I want for you:

To create a timeless moment of artistic freedom, of quiet strength

To create an opportunity to craft your talents among creatives and artists that share your struggles and celebrate your victories

To create an environment where you can act, speak, or think without hindrance or restraint

And ultimately help you discover or reignite your passion and find your creative voice - to experience a creative liberation.

So please come, share, and create with our team. We can’t wait to share in your struggle and celebrate your strength.

Click here for more details about the workshop and to sign up today. 

Mary McLeod