Floral Portraits

Once a year, my designers get to do an "inspiration Shoot," where they get to push themselves creatively and explore ideas outside of the "wedding world." Mary Wynn collaborated with Maura Friedman - a talented photo journalist from Atlanta and now based in Washington, D.C. - on a project that aimed to celebrate creativity and artistry in women. Maura proved to be the perfect fit for this project, as she has an amazing ability to capture raw, human emotion: her images, combined with Mary's design, juxtapose the female form with florals - capturing the beauty and strength that can be found in both.

A mix of Dahlias, Stainless Steel Garden Roses, foraged Rain Tree, and James Story Orchids provided a bright and vibrant palette. 

Mary and Maura sought out three women who are involved in the Atlanta Arts scene to be their models. Adron is a music maker; Candice is a interdisciplinary artist; and Denise is involved with the Art Farm at Serenbe.

Amy Osaba